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Anatomy of the Majestic Corgi
(as I’ve come to know them, courtesy of my precious corgi, Waffle)

Radars: Detects the sound of food bags opening, dropped food, food on plates, skateboards, scooters, etc.

Poker: Used to get the attention of a corgi’s human.

Taster of All Things: Food inhaler, food goes in here.

Majestic Poof: Used to charm humans. Touch for good luck.

Stumpers: Used to frap.

Nub (or floofy tail on some corgis): Happy meter.

Tush Skirts: Used to distract or hypnotize humans during walkies.

Drummies: Essential parts of a sploot.

Note: Scritch spots and rub spots may vary from one corgi to another.

(via thefrogman)